Mobile   App  Development  Services


Our passion for providing the best and comprehensive mobility services and solutions to our customers is realized through our expertise in mobility gained through the experience of a strong 100+ top mobile app developers team that has a career-long experience in mobile technologies and a dedicated mobility user experience design, mobility QA team that is committed to leveraging the unique native capabilities of each device platform.

Bitworld is among the top app development companies which deliver best in class mobility services and solutions with complete mobility lifecycle consultation and custom mobile app development in India. One of the best mobile app development companies that provide services along with customization on top of the pre-built solutions add value for our customers.


Mobile App Consultation Services

Every mobile solution starts with a well-defined mobile strategy. As your mobile strategy partners, Mobisoft, a top mobile app development company in India helps you consider the mobile possibilities for your solution and understand how a mobile app fits into your business model and delivers the desired functionality. Our mobile strategy planning is unique and drives ROI for our clients, which sets us apart from other top mobile application development companies in Pune. Be it Enterprise, B2C, B2E, B2B, or P2P mobile apps, for a mobile initiative to be successful it is important to map the offline behavior of users to their mobile behavior. Our mobile app consulting services address all the challenges involved in making your mobile app a success. We have a consultative approach towards our client engagement. Being your technology partner and your enterprise mobile app builders, we understand your business needs and constraints fully well before we being one of the top app development companies offer our enterprise mobility services tailored to your needs. We have developed an exclusive process called “App Discovery” to increase success ratio of an app. Our app discovery services covers.

  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • Technical And Business Feasibility Analysis


  1. Competitive Research And Analysis
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Target Audience And Demographic Information
  4. Technology, Tools, Platforms, Integrations And Server Architecture Selection
  5. Business Model Definition
  6. Proof Of Concept
  7. Functional Specification Documentation
  8. Wireframes

  • Offline Capability
  • Implementation Approach
  • Performance
  • Usability, Micro-Interactions
  • Implementation Approach
  • Performance
  • Usability, Micro-Interactions

Mobile App Architecture

One of the first steps for development of an app in a mobile application development company is selecting the right client architecture. We assist selecting right client architecture amongst “Mobile Web App”, “Native App”, “Hybrid App” approaches considering several unique aspects like device form factor, sporadic connectivity, variable bandwidth, multi-platform support, and user experience. Also, we assess mobile client architecture approaches by comparing them along with key technical and business drivers like multi-platform support, access to device sensors, performance, native look and feel, app search, app distribution, app upgrades, connectivity and development/testing effort, time-to-market, budget, TCO, consumer perception and BYOD.

Key Technical Criteria For Evaluating Mobile Architectures:
  1. Access To Mobile Hardware Sensors
  2. Performance
  3. Native Look And Feel
  4. Multi-Platform Support
  5. Offline Capability